Pack of 6 Focus Sets
Pack of 6 Focus Sets
Pack of 6 Focus Sets

Pack of 6 Focus Sets

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A pack of six 2-deck Focus Sets, each individually wrapped with a cardstock band.

Each individual Focus Set includes:

  • 2 decks of cards (Values, Concerns)
Focus Sets are only sold in packs of six.

Why buy multiple sets?

Purposeful change starts with conversation.

ReWeaving Wealth gives individuals the freedom to make autonomous choices in real time within a group. Serving as an impartial prompt, each participant can reflect on what matters most to them. Everyone selects their own combination of cards. They can then compare, discuss, strategize, and take action as a group.


How many should I buy?

When working with a group, we recommend purchasing a Principal Pack for each family unit or group, plus gifting a Contributor Pack to each additional family or group member. You might also include friends, colleagues and clients you’d like to engage in these important conversations.

Return to these cards again and again to help navigate complex conversations and find new routes to be of service for a cleaner, greener, more inclusive world for everyone.

To encourage autonomy we’ve applied discounts for all multiple Pack purchase orders.

For further guidance, please visit our FAQ page.